ALingua (Language Evolution Simulator)

James BonTempo
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637

ALingua is a Java application that simulates the evolution of a two-language system in a finite population. In particular, it allows one to examine the spatial dynamics of such a system given a set of initial conditions: a distribution of agents, a network defining connections between them, and a language learning algorithm with associated parameter settings. Pragmatically, comparisons between the outcome of simulations and empirical results from historical linguistics will facilitate the search for satisfactory theories of diachronic language change.

To run ALingua using Java Web Start click here.
(Note that due to the security restrictions that Java imposes on applications executed over a network, certain ALingua functions which rely on disk access will not work when using Java Web Start. In particular, the following functions will not work properly, if at all: Restore, Load and Save.)

You can also download the application as a JAR package here.

In order to use the ALingua software you must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your machine. You can download the appropriate software for your platform here.

A copy of the Master's thesis I've written based on ALingua simulations can be downloaded here in either PDF (968 KB) or Post Script (3.95 MB) format.

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